End corruption in state, elect Democrats


I suspect that, like me, many were disgusted to learn that Ohio’s Legislature appears to be one of the most corrupt in the nation. (See “Ohio nuke bailout tops corruption cases in US” and “Takeaways from Ohio’s corruption case.”) Of course, the primary focus of these articles was the HB 6 scandal. However, it was pointed out that there is still an ongoing investigation involving former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and another involving the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.

What do these events have in common? The answer is, they all have been brought to us compliments of Ohio’s Republican-controlled legislature. The GOP has dominated state government in Ohio for most of the last 30 years. It appears to me that during this time GOP legislators have become more entrenched, emboldened and unscrupulous. We can, in large measure, thank legislative gerrymandering for these results.

What is a voter to do? The answer is to elect more Democrats to state offices. Since the Republican Party has super-majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate; Democratic legislators have no ability to counterbalance misguided behavior of Republican counterparts. Giving one party so much power for so many years eventually leads to corruption and other forms of malfeasance. It appears for Ohio the time has arrived.

I urge voters to restore balance in Columbus by voting for Democratic candidates for Ohio House, Senate and statewide races beginning in 2022.




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