Critical race theory doesn’t serve citizens


Critical Race Theory is an academic discipline that started to arise in the 1990s. Since then, it has slowly been introduced into all phases of American culture disguised as diversity programs in schools, businesses, government and sports, which have been infested with this ideology. The theory comes from the Karl Marx Communist manifesto. It simply states that individuals are either oppressors or victims, nothing in between.

Therefore, if that idea is promoted, sold, pushed and believed, it creates class and race conflict. And that is exactly what the far left, deep-state liberals in this country want. Simply stated, divide and conquer. I implore all of you to do your own research on this subject and form your own opinions. It does not benefit America or its citizens in any way.

Recently, Barack Obama mocked anyone who had concerns about the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory to America. Of course, his liberal privilege allows him to say whatever he chooses without question. It’s some of the same ideals he forced on this great country the eight years he was in office. I firmly believe he might be one of the puppeteers who is pulling Biden’s and Harris’ strings. Notice Joe Biden can’t answer any questions and Kamala Harris refuses to answer.

Some deep state liberal evil is running the show.

Sort of reminds you of 1930s Germany, does it not?


Newton Falls


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