You should your voice while you still can


The biggest con ever is being perpetuated on us, and this is how it works. Let’s break down the hooks that are causing certain people in our society to react irrationally, causing many in the U.S. to get swindled.

The first hook is the desire to help your fellow citizens by promoting racial equality. Most of us desire racial equality and want to assist in any way possible — this is the feel-good part of the con. Another hook is climate change. Most everyone wants a sustainable living environment on earth, clean air and water that feels good. Hook number three is police brutality and killing of minorities. Hook four, disarming the citizens to make our communities safe. Hook five, opening the U.S. borders because we’re compassionate people.

The list can go on and on, but let’s look at how the confident men and women of D.C. are fooling millions of U.S. citizens. In the confidence game you need the appearance of a neutral party. This is where the mainstream media and many social media platforms play the part of the innocent bystanders that set the hook. The swindler makes money through deception by lying, cheating and fooling people into thinking their luck has changed and good fortune is happening to them. They will also take every advantage of weaknesses, such as insecurity, poor health, loneliness, ignorance and guilt to separate you from your money.

The third player in this con game is the mark — the public. The neutral party media pumps out half-truths to fit a narrative that D.C. swindlers want pushed. The win for the media is higher ratings, as our society becomes more violent, mired in scandal, along with promoting a general feeling of helplessness without government intervention. So how do the D.C. con artists make their money? By power consolidation, regulation, market manipulation and taxation. By giving minuscule amounts of money to some while taking vast amounts from others, they’re walking away with billions while our society erodes from internal strife.

The deceptions are white supremacy, white privilege, systemic racism, economic inequality, police purposefully shooting blacks, disarming law-abiding citizens will reduce gun violence, defunding police will reduce violence, electric power is green, open borders helps us, etc. The truth is not always reported, but the deceptions are being drilled into us daily so that we will forfeit our freedoms and financial means to enrich the elites and those who govern.

Use your voice while you still have one. God save the U.S.




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