We must stop coddling killers, other criminals


After seeing the headline on Page A4 and reading about the new law to set killers free, my blood pressure jumped enough to make me get out of my chair and blow off steam in print. This new retroactive law is an insult to Ohioans who have respected our state laws.

The governor, in the past, has insulted most Ohioans by stating that there are no drugs available, in his opinion, that can be used for an execution that would not cause pain for the killer. So why is it that all during the week you can usually find a story of some Ohioan who has died of a drug overdose? Tell the governor to get off his chair and use the same thing for the state to use in carrying out a legal sentence.

Over the years, we have had to take an injured or very ill pet to the vet to use a drug for euthanasia of the animal. It is always very fast, a few seconds, if that long. Surely that can also be used by the state as the governor thinks the killer does not need to have any type of pain, regardless of the pain the killer caused. The crime that the teenage killer committed as listed in the editorial is so far out of any normal sense of reason that he should be put in an insane asylum for life if the governor can’t find any kind and gentle drug to administer in our prison system.

The governor must get off his chair and do the job he was elected to do, as a lot of us are tired of coddling the criminals out there.




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