Warren’s festival season earns ‘onion’


Here is my perspective on festivals in downtown Warren.

Closing roads and access to the central business district makes no sense whatsoever, and I am adamantly opposed. Not only does this have a negative impact on commerce, it imposes upon those who live here and their daily comings and goings. My wife and I are two.

I wonder what you and your editorial board would think and react to some person / organizations deciding to have a festival on your street where you live, restricting the access to your home, with beer and food trailers and trucks lining your street and parked in front of your house for several days. Orchid or onion?

Where is it written the city of Warren must accommodate these organizations?

A number of years ago, the slate sidewalks on Courthouse Square were replaced with concrete and really looked great. Take a walk through the square and look at the results of vehicle traffic from festivals.

Festival organizers and promoters need to look to the Greeks. The Greeks know how to do it. They have a very successful festival every year, and they do not impose on the community.




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