True mothers teach, protect, guide, love


In the Holy Bible, God tells us, “We should honor our father and mother,” Exodus 20:12, and “We shall revere our father and mother,” Leviticus 19:3

That is what we are supposed to do, but so many of this era don’t. Many mothers don’t know how to be “mothers.” Some children may be cast along the wayside of life because they don’t have a mother as example. Some mothers party with their children, drink alcohol and take drugs with their children, curse with them and are best friends with them instead of being their parent. It is sad that some children may be raising themselves due to a lack of parenting.

To be a mother, in my humble opinion, is an honor and one of the many gifts from God. Being a mother is a joy, but sometimes tears are shed — some from joy and some from sadness. A mother will make sure that her child may eat, even though she may not eat a morsel. A mother makes sure her children have coats in the winter, even though she wears the same old coat from years gone by. A mother teaches her children lessons in the Bible and teaches them right from wrong. A mother sacrifices for her children, and she does it willingly. A mother tries her best to make sure her children have everything they may need. She works tirelessly for her children, yet she keeps a smile on her face and she doesn’t complain. She may become weary at times, but she keeps on going because God gave her these children, and she does her best to take care of them. She loves her children more than her own life.

To be a mother means to also correct her children if they go wrong, not beat them, starve them or abuse them. You see in the news how many innocent children are being sexually abused or abused in some other horrific manner. I pray soon this will end!

If you are fortunate to have your mother here on earth, please love her, cherish her, call her or text her every chance you get. We only have one. If your mother has gone on to glory, keep her in your heart and treasure the times that you had with her.

True mothers may rule their children with an iron hand and a velvet glove. She may speak softly until angered; and may be like a lioness protecting her cubs. But she loves her children beyond all else.

God bless all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, everywhere.




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