Tell Ohio lawmakers to invest in children


Children do not come in pieces, and neither should our policies and programs. The budget is an opportunity for our representatives to invest in our priorities that make our state a place that people want to call home.

Recently, the Ohio House passed its version of Ohio’s biennial budget, which includes over $70 billion in tax dollars. However, the House version falls short of what our children and families need.

Many children and families hardest hit by COVID-19, especially those with annual incomes of $22,000 or less, will not benefit from a single cent of the $380 million tax cut included in the House version. In fact, when given the opportunity to consider amendments that would address infant mortality, child lead poisoning and other issues, each was rejected.

We now look to the Ohio Senate to complete the work for children and families by addressing these critical needs. Ohio’s children and families deserve better, and we must get this right for our recovery and our children’s future.


Executive director

Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio



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