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Shame on Newton Falls Councilwoman Tesa Spletzer for calling 911 to get into the administration building supposedly to get records. How stupid for an elected official to tie up emergency lines for a frivolous issue. She wants to recall Councilwoman Breymaier for a comment she supposedly made and then acts stupidly like this. The wrong person is being recalled in Newton Falls. She should step aside and turn reins over to someone with common sense.

Newton Falls

Newton Falls is a great town with lots of really good people. Stop embarrassing them, grow up and work together. This bickering has gone on way too long.


Representatives used to be qualified public servants. Today we have incapable, self-serving wannabes who offend the janitor and bring a cat to work. We need a recall vote. Vet candidates thoroughly. We need outcomes, not chaos and distraction. If someone is far right or far left, it means they lack brains or heart to be a public servant. We need some one-termers. One can only hope there isn’t serious damage and consequences to poor decisions.


President Trump was the best president we have had. I never felt so strongly about an election as I had this past one. Joe Biden wants immigrants over here for a Democratic vote. We can’t take care of everybody here, and they will bring crime and disease. The people who voted for Biden will want Trump back before long. Biden did not win the election fairly. People should watch Newsmax and Fox News for the truth.


Warren has become a welfare city, has an ever-increasing drug problem, has vandalism occurring daily, unsolved murders and is led by a mayor more interested in photo-ops. Yet the major concerns seem to be a cat in the commissioner’s office and a nearby village council whose members are acting like children. I think it’s time for a reality check.


OK, so we have a woman in the commissioners office. Get over it! The old boys club is gone. Every one can’t do as they please. Start acting like adults. You’re a bunch of cry babies. Can’t do as I always did, quit. Take photos? Act like a 2-year-old. In fact, they may do a better job.


Gov. Mike DeWine said he is lifting the health orders starting June 2. Great job! So far six GOP states have done so. Long overdue for us to get back to normal.


I’m sure some Trib readers hang on every COVID-19 statistic. I’m among those who don’t need a daily dose of COVID-19 news. Maybe it’s time to stop playing it like big headline news.


Have you heard of the “Ritchie Boys?” “60 Minutes” had an excellent segment on this secret U.S. WWII intelligence unit of German-born Jews. It is worth an internet search if you haven’t. This is history that should be taught to students!

Newton Falls


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