Problems not solved with just money


Money to rebuild our infrastructure — this is what Biden thinks will save America. Wrong!

Our society today honors wealth, attractiveness and success above wisdom. Government leaders, businesses and business leaders, and many families are trapped into thinking money can meet all their needs.

A bold message requires bold messengers. We need to overcome many conflicts and issues within America. And I won’t go into that long list that continues to grow. Fools base their thoughts on foolish assumptions, and they just chatter on and on. Will our leaders choose the wise road for America, or will they continue to take the wrong road?

The ego of Biden and many others recently speaking about issues in America have been immature and irresponsible, and will cause America to fail. We cannot just throw money at problems. Money has deceived us into thinking that wealth will get us everything we want. When in truth, America is spiritually bankrupt.

The infrastructure that needs rebuilding in America deals with our hearts and minds and not our wealth. Maybe we should all practice the Golden Rule. It means extending grace, forgiveness and giving the benefit of doubt when it makes sense. Which will require us to speak the truth in love with gentleness, humility and respect. God accepts in every nation those who fear Him and do what is right. We seem to be seeing less and less fear of God in today’s America.

Is America willing to make the hard decisions and listen to God again? God has blessed America, but are we still blessing and thanking Him?




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