Evidence was all there in Minn. trial


I am writing in response to the April 25 letter, “Chauvin convicted before his trial began.”

I find it unsettling to suspect a police officer of behavior contrary to the tenets of law and order. However, if there is no admission of guilt, a video and witnesses cannot be discounted.

It is there. Nine minutes and 29 seconds seems an extraordinarily long time to simply subdue a suspect for passing counterfeit money. (Any one of us could have a bad bill in our possession.) It is there; no indication of threat to four police officers with training and armed with tasers. It is there; the smug and relaxed countenance of officer Chauvin while Mr. Floyd cries, “I can’t breathe” and “Momma.” It is there when a person with medical training is told not to intervene. It is there in the court reports that officer Chauvin has had 17 reprimands in 19 years of service, indicating a pattern of inappropriate behavior. There could have been a much more positive outcome. Unfortunately, there are no do-overs. It was there.


Newton Falls


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