With Frenchko, we got a ‘red herring’


I am tiring of Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko referring to our Italian-American elected officials as the “Good Old Boys.”

Which elected officials does she mean?

Is she referring to Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa or Auditor Adrian Biviano? Or maybe our Treasurer Sam Lamancusa or Board of Elections member Mark Alberini or Probate Court Judge James A. Fredericka?

I’m sure she doesn’t mean Diane Marchese or Karen Infante Allen.

All these elected officials have done a great job running Trumbull County.

I think she has a problem with those who have more common sense than she has. Voting against having a tented building constructed for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine showed how much sense she has. This pandemic isn’t over.

Columbiana County, a much smaller county, had no trouble erecting the same building even before they had the vaccine.

Now, thanks to the “red wave” in 2020, we got a “red herring” in 2021.




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