Vaccine passport? Use your brains


Because Donald Trump was getting too close for comfort with the upcoming presidential election, the Democrats had to create a “diversion,” thus, COVID-19.

Then they got the mainstream media on board to spin news and tell us all about the national death toll that is about to happen. I call it a “plandemic.”

But wait, it gets better. Now let’s bring out the director of immunology to further inform us how bad it really is. But wait, we can avoid it by just wearing a mask. Simple, huh? Now we have to “convince” everyone to get a shot of a vaccine that doesn’t yet exist. Fast-forward a year. The vaccine is here. But with only 30 percent of the population currently immunized, let’s bring out the good doctor and have him tell us now that all is well, if we were to only wear two masks. And now they want to introduce (force) everyone who wants to travel to carry a “vaccine passport.”

C’mon man, start using your brains for a change, instead of being led down the Democratic path.




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