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Shame on Trumbull MetroParks board for voting to remove the Leavittsburg dam. None of them are from Leavittsburg and don’t realize or care that the dam is part of our history and community. You also aren’t considering that residents who live along the river and could risk losing their homes unless they receive monetary help to have sewer lines installed before the river is lowered. Also, shame on Warren Township trustees for not fighting harder to keep the dam.


I was thunderstruck that Newton Falls mayor, who evidently can’t manage a meeting, called for police to remove officials who disagreed about procedural matters. People applauded, showing the public’s ignorance on how meetings should run. The mayor and / or chair don’t make rules to suit their narrative. Council was actually utilizing rules of order correctly. The mayor, in an apparent victory mode, pumped his fist like this was a game. Running government meetings is serious, not seventh-grade gymnastics.

Newton Falls

Rep. Mike Loychik has his agenda. ODNR and others said Mosquito Lake Park doesn’t need renamed. And $300,000 for sign change, what a waste. Loychik is demonstrating his inexperience not being able to introduce legislation that would benefit and help people who need it. Hopefully a better candidate will come forward by the time his tenure is up. Citizens can then reverse the mistake they made giving Loychik a chance.


I don’t want Mosquito Lake to be changed to Trump Lake. Trump was a good president and did good things, but if our state representative wants to make a change that we would like, I suggest eliminating the time change and lowering excessive tax on hybrid and electric cars. We want permanent daylight savings time, and we should encourage, not penalize, owners of hybrid and electric cars since they are cleaner and cause less pollution.


The renaming of Mosquito Lake is a misguided, feeble attempt at GOP notoriety and grandstanding. We proud Republicans appreciated President Trump for his policies and stance on important issues. Mike Loychik ought to focus time and our money on making a real difference in our Valley. Leave the name alone and move onto something else, please!


What’s wrong with the name Mosquito Lake that should necessitate a name change? And why Donald J. Trump? Where are lakes Bush, Carter, Clinton, Ford, Reagan? All presidents are memorable. Does our state representative have so much extra time and money (est. $300,000) that it can be squandered on this name change? Enough dog-and-pony show. Do your job!


LeBron James should stick to basketball and stay in China. And maybe get the facts before he opens his mouth.

Newton Falls

Orchids to 35 percent of Ohioans fully vaccinated who followed science and protected themselves, families, friends, co-workers, hospitals and fellow man from the awful — known and unknown — health and economic threats of COVID-19. The good Lord sent us, in record time, three vaccines to save ourselves. Indeed, the willfully unvaccinated play a lottery game of consequences of which shame our American history of patriotic public health participation. Send our unused stockpile overseas to those who want to save themselves!


What kind of world are we promoting when the winter classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and Dr. Seuss’ “If I Ran the Zoo” are deemed “offensive,” but “Fifty Shades of Gray” sells 125 million copies and “Mein Kampf” is given away for free? Isn’t it time we re-examine our values?


U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan has embarrassed Ohio again, this time by criticizing Dr. Fauci during congressional hearings concerning COVID-19. This inconsiderate congressman blathers on with some false scare tactic issue, instead of doing something to help create a better Ohio. Didn’t we just get rid of a president who used scare tactics on gullible people? But I guess if it works in lower educated parts of our country, it will still work for many politicians.


Columbus police are called to a scene where a girl is swinging a knife at another girl, and the officer fires his weapon striking the assailant who later dies. Police exist to protect and serve, so do they protect the life of the person trying to take life? Or do they protect the life of the person whose life is in imminent danger? The father was right there. Why didn’t he intervene? He should be accountable.


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