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From The National Audubon Society, June 5, 2020: “The (Trump) administration is churning out policies that make it easier to kill birds, pollute our air and water and endanger our health. … It is clear that the (Trump) administration is only accelerating its efforts to shred valued American conservation protections. … America is being robbed of its birds and wildlife.” Who thinks we should rename Mosquito Lake or any of its environs? Certainly, not I.


When I read “Politicians aren’t Listening” on Thursday’s Opinion page, I realized I was not the only one. I’ve contacted my Congressman Tim Ryan. And guess what? No response!

Newton Falls

After failing to expand broadband access in Ohio last year, the Ohio Senate must now pass the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Bill. Kudos to Rep. Michael O’Brien for persistence and leadership in keeping this issue moving along, and to the Tribune editorial board for supporting this effort. If Gov. DeWine wants people to move to Ohio, he and others in the Statehouse must ensure all Ohioans have equitable access to internet.


Once again, our governor shows ineptness and lack of leadership by canceling the death penalty by lethal injection. Instead of acting, he’s asked lawmakers to identify a different method. Meanwhile he “delays” upcoming executions. How many times will he get away with failure to do his job? I can think of three “alternative” methods of execution that would be readily available, all quicker and less costly. They would just take someone with a “governor’s” power to enact them.


Ohio, let’s not delay democracy. Ohioans voted for bipartisanship in the redistricting process. Now, some in the GOP want to delay redistricting because Census data won’t be ready until fall. Bipartisan groups like The League of Women Voters of Ohio confirm Ohio can start the redistricting process now. GOP foot-dragging simply means we won’t be ready for congressional elections. When one party seeks to delay, hinder and obstruct the redistricting process, we all suffer.


So far, nine women have come forward accusing N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and others all had Brett Kavanaugh guilty before his Senate confirmation. I guess only if you have “D” after your name, are you innocent until proven guilty — no matter how many accuse you.


Joe Biden once said abolishing the filibuster would be “an example of the arrogance of power,” a “power grab by the majority party.” Biden offered advice that may be useful today saying, “I suggest you ask yourself the rhetorical question. Why, for the first time since 1789, is the … Senate (majority) attempting to change the rule of unlimited debate? It is not only a bad idea, it upsets the constitutional design and it disservices the country.” What has changed?


President Biden is the most disrespectful president ever. 9/11 was a day that should be remembered for only the attack on the U.S. and many innocent lives lost that day. Period. He can choose any other day as deadline for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan except 9/11. Americans should be up in arms about this. Why is our government not upset over this slap in the face? Wake up, America.

Newton Falls

Thanks to coronavirus, out-of-work actors and musicians including Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda and Joaquin Phoenix are calling on the White House to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline which poses environmental risks to tribal lands, water and wildlife, indigenous cultural and religious practices. That pipeline pumps 500,000 barrels a day, so let’s replace it with 3,788 tanker trucks a day. Which do you think is safer?



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