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In last year’s commissioner race, a candidate told the Tribune we have “seen no progress in more than 25 years on enhancement of Mecca Circle, the Mosquito Lake shore area, lodging, restaurants or any other attractions in that area.” Why aren’t there restaurants and lodging overlooking the lake? Wouldn’t it be nice to pull your boat up to dock and have lunch? The lake is beautiful in winter. Should this good idea be abandoned because he was not elected?


There are two projects that have not improved the look of Trumbull County. Should storage sheds have been built on state Route 305 and Southdale in a Cortland residential neighborhood? Should some of the excess land surrounding Kent State University at Trumbull have been filled with solar panels? Both are positive projects, but in the future, more consideration should be given to

appearances and location!


Thursday’s story said Warren posted the highest jobless rate, yet a day before, there was a full page ad with jobs: Kraftmaid in Middlefield hiring; Burton employer hiring, $18.50 to start. Driving into Middlefield on Old State, every factory is hiring. There is no reason to not work. Jobs are there, if one wanted to work. Is it easier to just let the government pay you to stay home? I guess it is.

West Farmington

Robert Marchese, former Warren Council president, is now running for 5th Ward councilman. This is the same Robert Marchese who faced charges for credit card fraud and was convicted of an attempted offense in Warren Municipal Court. Sad that the local Republican Party and the city of Warren can do no better than this.


President Biden intends to fund his massive infrastructure plan by raising corporate tax rates. There is no such thing as corporate taxes. You and I pay them!


There was a time not so long ago that the word “collusion” was all you heard. Today, it is “racism.” There are few reports that CNN or MSNBC do not turn into a race issue. I, for one, do not like how they misled viewers to fit the left’s agenda. This will continue to destroy our country. We are all Americans, children of God. Please take responsibility, do your research and be informed.

Newton Falls

So, FEMA will be giving up to $9,000 to any family who lost a loved one due to COVID-19. I send my condolences to anyone who has lost someone due to COVID-19, but what about those who lost a loved one due to cardiac arrest, cancer, suicide or fatal injury? Is death due to COVID-19 more traumatic, more expensive, more unexpected than any other cause? Mr. Ryan should stop wasting taxpayer money and do his job.


Here is a reminder to Republican supporters with short memories. Donald Trump campaigned on $1 trillion infrastructure plan. “We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals,” is a quote from Trump’s 2016 election night victory speech. Now that President Biden is actually going to do something about it, these Trump supporters are totally against it. It’s unbelievable how these sheep will follow Trump anywhere.


If one of my kids knelt during the national anthem, I would drag him home for a serious talk. Where are the parents of these punks? They need to watch a NASCAR race where everyone removes their hats and places their hand over their heart and shows respect.



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