No need for cul-de-sacs on Howland-Wilson Road


Why is ODOT insisting on a million dollar upgrade to the Howland Wilson interchange?

Eliminating left hand turns at the intersection of Howland Wilson and state Route 82 will involve a lot of extra driving for people who live in that area and people who use that road constantly. It will put a lot of extra traffic onto state Route 46, which already has a lot of traffic. The people who live in Hunters Woods, on South Street or Howland Springs will have a difficult time getting onto Route 46 if they have to make a left turn. Many say it’s nearly impossible to turn left onto 46 without a light. So, there will be more accidents on Route 46 because there will be more traffic.

Instead of making a mess of Route 46 traffic and spending a lot of money, there is a simpler way to fix the intersection.

First, slow traffic down to 45 mph. People fly on Route 82. They are not all going 55 mph. A slower speed would give them more stopping room.

Then, change the way the lights work. Only allow left turns on a green arrow. If there is no green arrow, you can’t turn. Stop allowing right turns on red. Many accidents from those two things would stop. Too many people misjudge the speed of oncoming traffic. So there would be no oncoming traffic when people make a right or left turn.

You won’t stop people from running red lights unless you have a red light camera. But if you slow the speed down and ticket people who are going too fast, you will lessen the severity of accidents.




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