Jesus’ one solitary life was given for all of us


The sky is bluer, flowers blooming, air is fresher, weather is warming. Everything is rejuvenated with springtime. Easter is here. Some were rushing around shopping for the Easter day finery. Baskets and chocolate bunnies are bought for the children. Easter egg hunts and special dinners are prepared. People who rarely go to church must go on Easter so everyone can admire their Easter outfits.

Sadly, this is not what Easter is all about.

Our world is in chaos and discord, political parties clash because they can’t agree on anything. Races are clashing due to hate and prejudice. Hundreds of children make that long trek from Mexico for a better life because their lives were filled with danger and killings. When they reach the border, they are packed into buildings like sardines.

Drugs, killings, child endangerment, hunger, homelessness, unemployment soar. There has been church burnings; desecration of church property. There was a time when churches left their doors open for anyone to come in to sit and pray. Today, church doors are locked, fearing vandalism. Our world needs prayer. Our world needs Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing wrong with spinning tales of the fictional Easter Bunny to our children. But please, before you do, tell them why we celebrate Easter. Tell them Jesus loved us so much that he took on all of the world’s sins, died for us and rose from the grave. He deserves that and much more.

I imagine that if Jesus wanted, he could have forgone the beatings, being spat upon, being humiliated, dragged through the streets carrying an old rugged cross to a hill called Golgotha where he was further tortured. He could have forgone seeing his mother crying in agony for her son. He could have forgone having nails pounded into his hands and feet, and whipped on his body until the lashes pulled out his skin. Jesus could have forgone the crown of thorns pressed down upon his head.

Jesus could have come down from that cross, if he so desired. But he didn’t. He was doing the will of our father, God. He did it for you and for me. And still some of us deny him, show him no respect or love.

Jesus Christ died; yet, he rose again and is sitting on the right hand of God.

Can we acknowledge Jesus Christ, not just on Easter but every day?

Jesus Christ was one solitary life who died for us, just to keep us free of sin. He was sinless; he was blameless; he was innocent.

Please honor him.




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