Hold Cantalamessa and Fuda accountable


The headline on the story about last week’s Trumbull County commissioner’s meeting implied a shouting match occurred between Niki Frenchko and Frank Fuda.

I know better. Frenchko is rarely at fault in these battles, with self-defense her only option against Fuda. Frenchko has proven her ability to fight when attacked. This is what drew the county to her and enabled her to dethrone career politician Dan Polivka. If Fuda comes at her, she will defend herself. This much I have learned of her character.

It’s politics as usual. Fuda is a career politician. Let’s not forget Fuda helped Frenchko to unseat Polivka. He campaigned for her. Why? Clearly, he felt her credentials and political prowess could upset Polivka.

When he realized he could not control Frenchko, Fuda turned on her. Then the Niles Democratic Party banned Fuda. His anger is boiling. He wants to turn meetings into Frenchko detention sessions, but she does not answer to Fuda. Her mandate is to the people who elected her.

Mauro Cantalamessa doesn’t seem to be able to stand up to Fuda either. I listened to the 90-minute meeting, when Frenchko and others were begging him to get control of the meeting. I did not hear Frenchko “bickering,” but rather pleading to get the meeting back to the subject at hand. There’s a difference between arguing or bickering and self-defense.

Frenchko fiercely defends herself, and Cantalamessa does nothing to assist, seeming to moderate the debate rather than end it.

The news media is the fourth estate. It must portray and frame facts accurately. Headlines must be honest and fair. It might help to call out the instigator rather than lump the victim into the dysfunction.

People notice that Fuda gets a free pass every time from the media. Do better.




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