Ex-county supervisor deserves an apology


I read the April 8 Tribune Chronicle article about former Trumbull County maintenance supervisor Roy Elza’s comments from the April 7 Trumbull County commissioners’ meeting regarding his retirement.

I also listened to the audio of the meeting. In listening to the meeting, it was clear to me that Mr. Elza’s actions toward Commissioner Niki Frenchko were innocent and either intentionally or unintentionally misinterpreted by her. During the meeting, Mr. Elza stated that Ms. Frenchko had posted on social media without mentioning him by name that he “hit on her.” It should have been clear to her that she was mistaken and that an apology for her actions was in order. Instead, when Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa attempted to thank Mr. Elza for his service and said he was sorry, Ms. Frenchko jumped into the conversation and objected by saying that he was suggesting “that something happened that shouldn’t have happened to Mr. Elza.” (This quote can be found at the 18:50 mark of the meeting recording on the commissioners’ website.)

What Ms. Frenchko fails to recognize, either by her own obliviousness or arrogance or a combination of both, is that something did happen to Mr. Elza that shouldn’t have. She pole vaulted to a conclusion that was wrong and then publicly maligned a good man’s character. Mr. Elza has been married to the same woman for 37 years. They have children and grandchildren. They are people of faith whose marriage vows matter to them — insinuating otherwise with no proof is wrong and irresponsible. Ms. Frenchko owes them both an apology.

I should note that I have known Mr. Elza for more than 45 years. He is now, and always has been, a gentleman.

I want to add that jumping to conclusions with no proof seems to be a habit of Ms. Frenchko’s. While wanting to correct some of the ineptitude and even corruption in our county is something I agree with, continually crying wolf is actually harmful to getting this accomplished.


Farmington Township


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