Don’t let our country become a dictatorship


I have previously said that the biggest threat to democracy is voter suppression. I think it is ironic that Donald Trump and his followers ranted that the election was rigged. The Republican party has worked hard for six years to suppress voters. I believe they are really upset because they didn’t rig the election well enough to win. Over the years, the Republican party has purged voter rolls, put unnecessary restrictions on mail-in ballots and reduced the number of polling places. One example is in Kentucky. They reduced one minority area of Louisville to one polling place for thousands of voters.

Since Trump lost the election, his party has been busy introducing new voter suppression bills. Forty-four states have introduced 253 bills making it harder to vote. Most of the attacks are aimed at mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots have been used for many years with very few problems. By the way, Trump and his family all vote by mail.

Georgia is by far the most obvious example of intentional voter suppression. In 2005, the Republican state congress voted to allow mail-in ballots with no restrictions. In 2020, they did not get the results they wanted — the Democrats won. The Republican state legislature decided to never let that happen again. They have passed bills to suppress voting. Now only people that are age 65 or older or physically disabled may use mail-in ballots. So this will make lines on election day in Georgia much longer. Next they reduced early voting, especially on Sundays, when black churches have a program called “Souls to the polls.” This creates even longer lines and more wait times. To make things worse, they are making it a criminal offense to pass out water or food to the voters who are in line. That means you can be arrested for being a good Samaritan.

Please be aware of what is happening before it is too late. Every eligible voter has the right to vote. The vote you save may be your own. Don’t let the United States become a dictatorship.




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