Don’t blame Biden for past blunders


This is for citizens who, like a recent letter writer, bemoan President Biden’s lack of physicality — although Biden takes the ramp pretty well. They cry out that Biden cannot plan, despite his massive infrastructure strategy. They blame President Biden for everything.

They blame Biden for increased gas prices, which spiked after the election because OPEC has not increased production although demand is increasing as the pandemic settles. As more people are vaccinated and traveling, the demand for gas rises, and we always pay more in the spring for pricier summer blends.

They blame Biden for the immigration crisis, although Biden’s predecessor stacked up immigrants in Mexico and cruelly ripped children from their parents’ arms. Now, people are sending or bringing their children because they know President Biden won’t do that. And, just like gas prices, immigration statistics always go up in the spring. We are liaising with immigrants’ home country officials to ameliorate conditions. We are creating acceptable pre-processing areas.

Oil production jobs are temporarily decreased because President Biden has restricted only new leases on oil drilling, according to a Texas newspaper. Climate impact is being reviewed and drilling may be redirected to nonfederal lands. Closing development in the Gulf of Mexico has also contributed to the decrease in offshore oil rigs.

I beg to differ with the writer’s complaint of corruption at every level of government. Our prior president tried to coerce the Ukrainian president to lie on his behalf, ordered an elections official to falsify his state’s vote, refused to acknowledge that he lost the election and incited an insurrection against the government. But thankfully he lost, and let’s hope his ilk never gains power in this country again.

By “his ilk” I do not mean true conservatives who likewise have dreams and hopes for the country. With cyclical elections, Americans have always anticipated the give and pull of political sparring; but we now have representatives and senators who obstruct all ideas of compromise, and they speak with hate and lies. We will overcome this and once again achieve the world’s confidence in our republic.

At this time, the Democratic party’s commitment to help all workers will steer us in the right direction — assisting families to improve their economic standing as the pandemic stabilizes, plus care and stewardship of the planet with jobs that pay well and create opportunities. We’ll also invest in capital and educational infrastructure and buttressing of the Affordable Care Act.

So, “C’mon, man!” — let’s put past divisions behind us and work together. We have a chance to build back better the things we need for a bright future.




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