Cancel culture ruins great United States


As a conservative Democrat, it saddens me that our wonderful United States of America has turned into the “Cancel culture capital of political correctness.”

Whether it is some Dr. Seuss books not being published anymore, Disney putting offensive content warnings on 18 Muppets episodes, cartoon skunk Pepe LePew being fired from his “Space Jam 2” gig because he acts like a rapist or changing the names of schools originally named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, this is definitely not the country I grew up with.

When you combine woke and hypersensitive minority groups with spineless guilt-ridden white liberal do-gooders who pander to every radical request and demand from those groups, this is what you end up with. A great example of this is the cowardly owner of the Cleveland Indians, Larry Dolan. To get rid of Chief Wahoo and the Indians name, after 105 years, Dolan folded like a cheap lawn chair.

He did this in spite of the fact that the vast majority of fans wanted both Chief Wahoo and the Indians name retained.

Why anybody would watch an Indians game now is beyond me.

Our founding fathers also have been in the crosshairs of the woke progressive movement, which has now allied with most city officials, the mainstream media and increasingly corporations. If it wasn’t for our founding fathers’ sacrifices and determination (Google George Washington at Valley Forge) to build this great country, a lot of the woke folks still would be living in mud huts in God only knows what country.

The one thing the woke mob loves to talk about is so-called “white privilege.”

If white privilege means having some nice things due to hard work and living right, then I’m guilty of white privilege.

Lastly, this radical woke craziness really needs to end. It is what started our present cultural divide and is destroying our country. I mean, what is next on the woke agenda?




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