Struggling, coping make you stronger


An article on the front page of the newspaper about how General Motors closed its doors and families had to struggle caused me to write this letter.

My husband was a “lifer” in the U.S. Marine Corps for 25 years. He put in many 14- and 15-hour days with no such thing as overtime.

When he got home from work, the two kids and I were sound asleep. Next morning, up early and out the door for another long day. This is called struggling. We lived pay to pay with no help from anybody so you could have freedom.

We didn’t starve, but we had hot dogs and beans quite often.

Today no one has the incentive to work because it’s free, free, free.

There was no such thing as a stimulus check and food handouts. There’s more and more people being allowed to arrive in this country. Will someone tell me what we’re going to do with them? That’s why we need closed borders.

I realize Democrats need votes, but enough is enough. Learning to cope and accept responsibility is a good thing. I’m sure there’s a handful that really do need a stimulus check, but do you think the majority will make an extra car payment or house payment?

They worked at GM with no worry about the future making big money. Every three or four years we had to pack up and move, kids had to change schools, but we learned how to survive. There’s plenty of jobs if you want to work, but the incentive is gone. How many times have I heard, “Why work when I make more staying home?”

Struggling and coping will make you a better, stronger person. Wake up people! In other words, I’m tired of paying for others who do not pay taxes. This country will be so far in debt, we’ll never get out. Thanks, Joe!



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