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ODOT and municipalities could stop wringing their hands about Amish buggy safety by applying a simple, logical solution: Ban buggies. This is the 21st century. Cars and buggies will never be a safe traffic mix. Amish can use their cellphones to call an Uber ride. This would be a much safer choice for everyone and, as a bonus, it eliminates the risk for the poor horses who don’t belong on the road.


Recently I visited Salvatore’s Restaurant. The food was good, but the handicapped parking was not. Apparently, having convenient curbside pick-up parking is more important than having spaces that work for the handicapped. There are six curbside pick-up spaces directly in front of the restaurant, while handicapped parking is across the parking lot. Spaces in the middle of the lot just do not work for the handicapped.


Is anyone else tired of infighting between Commissioners Frank Fuda and Niki Frenchko? That honeymoon didn’t last long. They are acting like spoiled toddlers, pointing fingers and saying he /she started it! Maybe Niki should observe workings of commissioners before trying to fix what isn’t broken. How does she plan to give raises to 13 employees with $9,000 saved from 4 personal days? Nothing will get accomplished if infighting continues. Someone needs to step up and have a talk with them.


Several years ago, Mosquito State Park was changed to McKinley State Park. Very few people remember this. It doesn’t matter if someone has the ill-conceived idea to change it to Trump. It will always be Mosquito State Park. It was Mosquito Creek that was dammed to form the lake. I was happy to see that there are other people who think Trump is not someone we would want to honor.


Really? Passing Senate Bill 89 that provides more vouchers to public school students, based on flawed evaluations, to use for private schools. Ohio’s evaluation system is unfair, and vouchers don’t provide solutions. How do you determine vouchers for private schools increase student achievement when you require no evaluation of private schools? If your goal is to increase student achievement, this is a flawed plan. If it is to dismantle public schools, you nailed it!


I’ve always supported Ohio State athletics, but when I saw an extensive article with pictures of some Ohio State basketball team members kneeling during our national anthem, I wished for their defeat in the first playoff game. I was pleased to see headlines of Ohio State being “bounced” in their first game, after celebrating on the floor even before the game began. I hope they and their coaches may have learned a valuable lesson.


Mavericks owner Mark Cuban chose not to play the anthem this basketball season. Cuban said, “The National Anthem Police in this country are out of control,” Cuban tweeted. “If you want to complain, complain to your boss and ask why they don’t play the National Anthem every day before you start work.” I look at this as a win-win. Multimillionaires will not be seen disrespecting the flag, and they don’t have to do anything outside of their job descriptions.


There is such hate in America: Death threats sent to basketball players because of a game; people wearing body armor and carrying assault weapons; people hating others for the color of their skin or their nationality. Where does it end? Let’s all take a deep breath, take a step back, and give peace a chance to exist. We are all in this together, like it or not. Let’s make the best of it — not the worst of it.


Dems, et al, and the Biden-Harris “IOU” administration, keep the giveaways coming because I’ve already written off hope for America’s future generations.


Are Democrats sorry they voted for Biden yet? Fuel prices are up and the southern border is a disaster! Electricity and food costs and daily expenses will increase. Democrats never learned you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Trump did good things in office, but due to their hatred, they couldn’t wait to throw out the good things! All Democrats care about is power and control over every segment of our lives, as we lose more freedoms.



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