Save local state park from being renamed


I must not be the only person beyond disturbed to learn of state Rep. Mike Loychik’s proposal to rename Mosquito Lake State Park to honor the failed presidency of Donald Trump.

While this area has long bemoaned the connotations of the park’s name, renaming it after the 45th president is not the answer. Though the park surely saw increased traffic in the past year, this is due not to any investment of federal dollars or surge of economic opportunity that’s led Trumbull County residents to greater recreational ability. Rather, it’s because parks in general became one of very few lifelines available for safely socializing amid a pandemic that was made worse by the former administration’s inability to lead during its onset.

No political party should take its voters for granted, and it can certainly be argued that Democrats deserved to lose support of frustrated voters of Trumbull County and the Mahoning Valley. But the fact that the first Republican since Nixon to win northeast Ohio voters was an incompetent, carnival barking, wannabe autocrat is an embarrassment. That his regional victory expanded in 2020 is shameful. And to rename Mosquito Lake State Park after him is a darkly ironic insult to the Americans dead of COVID-19 on Trump’s watch.




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