Are you OK with this liberal agenda?


We have a president who has very obvious serious physical and mental issues. He can’t walk up a flight of steps or read from a prepared message. Our vice president has a very questionable past — both personal and professional. If she were not a Democrat, her lack of morals and ethics would be front-page news everyday.

We have an illegal immigration crisis on our southern border. We have seen fuel prices spike upward. We have had thousands of great jobs in the petroleum industry taken away with the stroke of a pen. We have corruption at every level of government. I could go on and on. Most of this started on Jan. 20. People and countries around the world laugh when they see what is happening in the U.S. today.

What troubles me most is that half of the people in this country seem to be OK with this. Are you all right with the national mainstream media telling you only what liberals want published? Are you so brainwashed by the far-left narrative that you have given up on the truth? Do you understand what’s going on here? Are you oblivious to it all or do you just not care anymore? Does this propaganda sit well with you? Because that is exactly what this third Obama term administration is all about.

I wish someone could explain all of this in rational terms rather than just saying “C’mon man.”


Newton Falls


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