We need to demand rights to gather


We need to have the Trumbull County Fair, so people can get out with their families, just unwind and get away from their problems, even if it’s for a day. Of course, their problems will still be there when they get home; however, it might give people a new outlook on their problems.

The Trumbull County Fair is a cheap way to have fun with your family. Plus, you can take in food and free entertainment in the grandstands.

Gatherings of people, therefore, should not come into play. Amusement parks, shopping malls and grocery stores are also places people gather.

We need to stand up for “we” and this is why — the suicide rate is going up; that means drug overdoses and the opioid epidemic are getting worse.

Sure, the government is trying to protect us; we all need to put pressure on the local government and state representatives to change policy guidelines.

I have been in touch with the Democratic Party, but whether they heard me or not, we all need to stand together in this matter. They need to listen to normal classes of people, not the ones with money who use high publicity and make themselves look good. I had the phone hung up on me by a leader of the Democratic Party because he didn’t want to hear the truth.




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