There’s little chance for unity, healing


Joe Biden claimed a few weeks ago he wanted to see healing and unity after a controversial election and tumultuous 2020.

I don’t believe he actually meant that, but in any case, it’s not going to happen. Consider most Democrats and a small number of traitorous Republicans have been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome since before the man was inaugurated.

For four straight years, every day, every hour, they have done everything they can to undermine and sabotage his administration, slander him, openly disrespect him, degrade his supporters and even organized what amounts to two coup attempts against him. Then, with only one week before he left office, their pathological hatred of President Trump drove them to impeach him on trumped-up charges, blaming him for the actions of a small number of the protesters in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, Biden and some Democrats talked like once we had terrible Trump out of the White House, we would all sit around the campfire together, hold hands and sing kumbaya, and won’t it be wonderful? They must be kidding.

What they really want is for us patriots in fly-over country to just shut up and submit to their agenda. That spiel might go over well with the squishy, lukewarm, closet-liberal never-Trumpers, but the vast majority of Trump voters aren’t buying it. We’ll always remember the constant attacks and insults against this mostly great president, and we will henceforth respond appropriately in every election cycle.

The Trump haters are the ones who have destroyed any chance of domestic harmony or political cooperation for many years to come. You reap what you sow.


Mineral Ridge


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