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My husband and I were in that large line of cars Jan. 20 at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. But the second shot Feb. 10 was amazingly faster and very well organized, thanks to reorganization. At the “waiting station” after the shot, we were surprised by ladies from Bazetta Christian Church graciously handing out treats. We got our shots and left with an appreciation for medical workers, fairgrounds staff and the church ladies for their time and efforts.


Dan Polivka should stop whining and get a job. He has lost several times. All he is doing now is causing more trouble and wasting time and money.


Kudos to Frank Fuda for having the courage to stand up to the Niles Democratic Club, to cross political lines, and to endorse the person most able to do the job! Mr. Fuda knew firsthand that Mr. Polivka was not taking his job seriously; therefore, Frank supported a person who would work diligently for the people. I will continue to vote for Mr. Fuda. He is a shining light in the darkness of politics.


Set aside your political or personal opinion. Tim Ryan, a senior tenured congressman, sits on important committees that allow money to be brought back to the Valley. Consider what the loss of Ryan would mean. His influence is why we still have the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. While we lost valuable business, it can come back. The air station cannot. A junior unknown congressman would take years to establish a place at the table on our behalf.


I would like to know why people still have Trump signs in their yards? He lost, he’s done, he’s finished, hopefully forever. Take those signs down!


In a Feb. 10 press release, Senator Rob Portman urged the Biden Administration to reconsider its decision to withdraw a rule proposed by the Trump Administration to require American universities to disclose partnerships with Confucius Institutes and Classrooms. These institutions are located at more than 100 American universities and have received more than $150 million in support from the Chinese government. For more information, visit www.portman.senate.gov. It should alarm you.

Newton Falls

Some mindless person, obviously old enough to know better, sounded off Feb. 23 on a national radio talk show that if he, as a matter of “freedom of choice,” chooses not to wear a mask, “it’s nobody’s business but” his own. At all times in public I wear double masks due to the possibility that I might unknowingly be infected with the COVID-19 contagion, but be asymptomatic, and I could infect somebody if I’m not wearing a mask.

Mineral Ridge

Kathleen Parker, Robert Reich and Cal Thomas make some good points (from their slighted view). However, will we ever see any give and take? Not as long as Dems blame Republicans and vice versa. Parker said, “Conservatism is a philosophy based most on collected wisdom and faith in the tried-and-true.” We need a lot of wisdom right now in DC, and find the tried-and-true from God. God used to be sought for wisdom. America must disagree respectfully.


Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Pulled over, that will be $10,000 and loss of license say many ads on TV and radio. Guess that doesn’t apply to Bruce Springsteen. Keep safe.



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