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As we all age, I think it would be nice if some high-rise senior apartment buildings are built on the old General Electric property on Federal Street in Niles. It’s centrally located, within walking distance of everything. There is sewer, water and electric utilities already there. A sidewalk with benches can be built along the creek. In good weather, people can walk and sit and enjoy nature and the river.


Commissioner Frank Fuda’s endorsement of Niki Frenchko got him bounced from the Niles Mens Democratic Club for two years. Tsk, tsk! Most elected officials make a career of feeding at the public money trough, putting the bulk of their efforts at keeping their soft jobs. Fuda actually works for his pay and it looks like Frenchko does, too. Trumbull County is lucky to have them both as commissioners.


Two-time voters broke the law. Fraudulent voting cannot be excused as confusion. Poll workers and election officials failed to identify and stop the violations. Board of election members “believe” the violations need not be criminally investigated. Every two-time voter knows he /she committed fraud. Now the whole county can try to do it, since there are no consequences.


How many times must we find children in deplorable living conditions until one of them becomes a fatality? Wake up! Children Services must do unannounced child welfare checks, not just by appointment. When this was taken away was when children began suffering at the hands of a parent.


In January the health department shut down the Dollar General store in Mesopotamia because of mask violations. What mask violations? Last I know, there was no law that requires mask wearing. You want to hear a good one? The American people are buying masks made in China. They scam with or without the virus of your choice.


Valparaiso University recently voted to change its mascot and nickname of “Crusaders” due to its implication of violence. “Crusaders” is nothing compared to “Raiders.” In these times of political correctness, Warren should change “Raiders,” which denotes violence, hostility and predatory behavior. That nickname is nothing but an embarrassment.


It is time to start thinking positively and get Trump out of the daily news. It is time to start thanking the hundreds who have been working to make our lives safer, both adults and children, too, who have given of themselves. Our doctors, nurses, all hospital, grocery store, funeral home, mail delivery, trash and mail workers, and teachers, too, trying to teach in extraordinary situations. All are helping and working to get us back to some normalcy. Huge thanks!


So President Biden will be speaking to the G7 Summit? I wonder how he will keep up the now time-honored tradition of an American president physically shoving another of participating heads of state out of the way? It will be a challenge for him as this summit is virtual! But he must Keep America Great!


I was appalled by CBS Nightly News with Norah O’Donnell’s coverage of the passing of Rush Limbaugh. They portrayed this radio icon in a purely negative way. I am done with the liberal news media. They are shameful. Rest in peace, Rush.

Newton Falls


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