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This is in reply to the Warren resident who said the fairgrounds’ vaccination site was absurd. I am disabled, and the drive-thru site was the perfect answer for me and other disabled residents who cannot stand in long lines. The day my husband and I went, we had maybe 100 cars in front of us. It was very well organized, everyone was friendly, and we were in and out in 50 minutes.


Niki Frenchko is initiating great improvements to county government, including transparency, policies and accountability from everyone, including elected officials. For the Tribune Chronicle to give her an onion over using a parking space reserved for vehicle inspections for one day when the office for transfers and county building are closed due to COVID-19 is more indicative of the Tribune’s abuse of power than hers. Where are the orchids for positive changes she’s initiating?


Why is Trumbull County’s COVID-19 death rate per thousand COVID-19 cases reported so high? Based upon the COVID-19 statistics published daily in the Tribune Chronicle, Trumbull County is approximately 94 percent higher than the entire state of Ohio; 40 percent higher than Columbiana County; and 30 percent higher than Mahoning County. I’m glad my second shot is in two weeks.


Rep. Mike Loychik is an unknown with no political or professional experience. Benefactors helped him with a winning strategy. Plastering signs everywhere. PRO to sensitive but not universally shared issues. Now he represents the people who voted for him and the ones who did not. At a time when people can’t put food on the table, his priority is Second Amendment rights. Pay close attention to his outcomes, his term is only two years.


Why are some Walmart (and other) shoppers so lazy and inconsiderate that they can’t expend what little effort it takes to put their carts in the corral? Instead, they leave the cart in an empty parking spot and tie up that spot until some shopper moves it to the corral. Unbelievable laziness. And that goes for the parking lot litter slobs, too.


Mike Lindell complains companies have taken his product off their shelves for his spreading claims (proven false) that this presidential election was stolen. Would companies base their business decisions on an owner’s unfounded political views? Perhaps it’s Mr. Lindell’s business practices — not paying his taxes (he settled with the NY AG’s Office for $1 million) and received an “F” rating from the BBB based on a pattern of consumer complaints!


Joe Biden wants to forgive $50K of your student debt. Not bad. I’ll say, Joe how about I buy a new Cadillac, and you forgive $50K of my payments? All is fair.


I would like to reiterate a sentence from Cal Thomas’ Feb. 6 opinion column where he quoted Barbara Bush. The late Barbara Bush said: “Your success as a family … our success as a nation … depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on what happens inside your house.”

Newton Falls

It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that spineless Republican senators plan to use the “you cannot impeach and convict a president no longer in office” as a cover to vote against convicting former President Trump in the incitement for insurrection impeachment trial. By doing this, they can dodge the real issue. Sen. Portman, can you vote against this conviction and set a precedent in our country to allow this type of thing to happen again?


Capitol police should be given the Medal of Freedom, and the animals who declared war on the Capitol should have been shot.



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