Portman could have stood up to Trump


Sen. Rob Portman recently announced he won’t run for re-election, saying it’s a tough time to be in public service.

I believe Portman is quitting because he can’t bear to tell the people of Ohio that Joe Biden won the election legitimately without election fraud. Portman voted 88 percent of the time with Trump’s agenda, but now like the others, he fears Trump. Trump belittles people who contradict him. He has driven legislators out of office or supported their opponents at elections, and now Portman would rather quit than be real for Ohioans.

There are 44 additional United States senators who, like Portman, want to overlook Trump’s attempted coup. Neither they nor the talking heads who support Trump’s chosen party will tell the truth about Trump. At this writing, it’s three weeks since terrorists stormed our Capitol at the urging of Donald Trump.

It was an attempted coup to take over the government by a power-hungry man who lost an election. Five people died, but the elected officials who have supported Trump are afraid to stand up to him.

Don’t they remember the fear they felt three weeks ago when the terrorists invaded the Capitol and they all had to hide? Do you remember your own shocked horror as you watched it on TV?

Trump’s supporters believe Democrats stole the election for Biden because Trump has been predicting voter fraud for over a year. Trump tells them he won by a landslide. The truth is that Trump did not win. His people launched over 60 legal cases to prove that the Democrats cheated, and none of them could be proved.

Trump has reached out and touched the deep, inner part in good people who worry they are being left behind and they won’t have what they need to feed and protect their families. Besides lying about the election’s outcome, Trump has told people that Democrats are socialists who hate the country and that they are going to take away their guns. Those are all lies Trump has told in order to divide us.

During his last year in office, Portman could stand up and speak out with integrity, but he fears the consequences. So do the other 44 United States senators who want to overlook that Trump called upon his supporters to attack our Capitol and legislators. They are too afraid to say, “Whether or not you like Joe Biden, the truth is that he fairly and legitimately won the election and Trump lost.”

I think people need to hear that.




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