New law shows more control of big energy


Protesting the threat of fossil fuel mining and transportation is the correct nonviolent response to the violence the people and the land of Ohio have had inflicted upon us by the oil and gas industry.

Ohio Senate Bill 33 intends to modify criminal and civil law for critical infrastructure damage, according to its title. It passed in December and will take effect April 12.

Not only does Senate Bill 33, by seeking to deprive Ohioans of their right to free speech, further enshrine the corrupt stranglehold energy interests hold over the Ohio Statehouse, as we saw this past year with the criminal investigations surrounding the passage of House Bill 6. I believe it sends very clearly the message from Ohio Republicans that the GOP does not care if your water is polluted, if fish and wildlife are jeopardized, or if the well in your neighborhood is giving your children cancer. I believe they don’t care if you die — they just want to make sure you shut up about it.




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