Loychik’s first bill not for all Ohioans


I am in favor of and I encourage young people to become involved in seeking political offices on all local and state levels. I believe they can bring a fresh, informed, educated and energized perspective to the issues that affect families and workers, and even us, senior citizens.

On Election Day this year, as I showed up at a Niles polling place as a volunteer to pass out sample ballots, a young man, Mike Loychik, himself a candidate on the ballot for District 63 state representative, walked over to me with his outstretched hand. Even though he could see my “Team Joe” shirt, he assured me if elected he would represent all the constituents of the district. And so, this young man was elected that night to work for all of us.

Now, I am watching to see what innovative, helpful contributions for a better life for all he will accomplish. To my great disappointment, I have read that he is proposing as his first bill to make the state of Ohio a Second Amendment sanctuary state. Presently five of our 88 counties have passed similar sanctuary laws and four states have done so. It is my belief that these unsafe gun bills are passed to counter any future gun safety legislation and background checks. Terrible ideas, right?

This refusal to acknowledge and enforce any new legislation on gun safety puts the interpretation of the constitutionality of a law in the hands of local law enforcement officers, which is dangerous and unlawful. In the midst of a pandemic with Ohioans struggling to pay bills, feed their families and help with their children’s schooling, Mike Loychik is choosing to be irresponsible with community safety as his first piece of legislation? Where are his priorities? He could choose, instead, as his focus, equitable constitutional funding of our schools, creating clean energy jobs, providing help with COVID-19 relief or repealing the corrupt First Energy bailout legislation (HB 6).

I would encourage him to rethink his radical, dangerous agenda. As a young man, state Rep. Loychik should make it his priority to help all Ohioans.




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