Biden, Democrats want unity in word only


Recently, I was doing work in a Democratic congressman’s office when an individual walked in and spoke with one of his aides. The office was closed due to COVID-19, and the only reason the aide was there was to let me in to fix an issue.

This individual stated they should have shot every one of those expletive rioters at the Capitol. He repeated this at least three times. The aide played it off well without adding or agreeing to his constituent’s statement.

For the past several weeks, we have heard the verbalization of unity from the new president and other Democrats, but have witnessed the polar opposite in action. Congress tried to impeach President Trump for inciting violence through speech, yet the very same individuals have used the same words repeatedly. Rep. Maxine Waters even called on her supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration. Isn’t that “acts of violence?” Why hasn’t every politician been impeached for saying the word “fight” in a speech? Are the words “peaceful protest” now and forever going to be code for “riot and destroy?” Who is going to dictate what is hate and violent speech? If you want government to decide, you might want to move to Russia or China.

If we fail to support free speech, we will soon lose it. If we lose our First Amendment right of free speech, we will lose all the other amendments in the Bill of Rights as well, because we will have no voice to defend our rights. Where has all the common sense and wisdom of the past gone? Why are we going down a path that has been traveled time after time only leading us toward enslavement by government? People need to stop, research, think and realize both parties are amoral and may or may not have their best interest in mind.

Is building back better running the country by executive orders? Is there a message of unity in shutting down the pipeline, tax hikes on all, no borders, amnesty for criminals and many other items that hurt the most vulnerable in our society? Is the word unity meant for only those who agree? A Belarus immigrant recently told me he left his country 20 years ago because of socialism and now it looks like he might be right back where he started. As government gets bigger, the individual gets smaller. Do we really want more government or do we want liberty and freedom to choose?




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