America is in for bumpy ride until 2024


Never in recorded history, when countries have been run by dictators, have the good guys ended up in power. They rule with an iron fist, and the people have very limited freedoms, at best.

The same is very true in countries with leaders elected by fraudulent means. Whether it be by voter fraud, voter intimidation or vote count manipulation, it is the crooks that are in charge. Anyone who believes that the 2020 presidential election is 100 percent on the up and up is a fool. I believe corruption in the highest level of government is painfully obvious. And of course, the national media falls right in line with it all.

They no longer do investigative reporting, but act as the propaganda arm of the left. It’s a very sad commentary, pun intended.

The erosion of everyday Americans’ freedoms has started. Under attack are free speech, religion, search-and-seizure laws, right to peaceful assembly, Second Amendment rights and the ability of citizens to move about as they see fit. I guarantee, it’s not conservative officeholders and lawmakers behind this. It is the deep state, the far left and all their cronies that want complete and total control.

Watch the travesty that is about to unfold in government. If it continues, you will not recognize this country by 2024. Fasten your seat belts, America; you are in for a bumpy ride.


Newton Falls


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