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On my way to work, each day I pass the intersection of North Road and Reeves Road in Warren-Howland townships. Several days ago, some type of construction was started but since has been abandoned. This has left a dangerous setting and a real eyesore for the residents in the area.


How noble of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan and U.S. Sen. Rob Portman for wanting to address election integrity for future elections. Too little too late. But then, they’re always behind the eight ball.


So Twitter and Facebook are private companies, and they can do what they want? Then every private business and restaurant should open back up right now and ignore all mandates if they want because they are, after all, also private business.


Sept. 11 and Jan. 6 are both days we never will forget. Both groups were intent on overthrow of our form of representative government. Don’t despair; educating yourself with the facts is a lifelong process.


Loyalty is a reality. For four years we heard he is not our president, when in reality, he was. I believe actions speak louder than words. President Trump did what he promised. I will recognize him for his America First position. I will display my flag and sign. If you don’t like that, seek medical help. I know what your problem is. God Bless America.


If we can confirm a U.S. Supreme Court justice in a mere eight days, we can certainly vote on an impeachment within the same timetable, especially where the evidence is overwhelming and videos speak for themselves. Trump now owns half the impeachments in US history. Too bad for law enforcement lives that we missed the first opportunity last year.


The Democrats want “unity.” Do you see that trait in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? I see a very unhappy, bitter, vindictive congresswoman.

Newton Falls

After Trump’s loss and the Dems controlling the Senate, I find myself relating to the final scene of the movie “Planet of the Apes.” A man on horseback approaches. The look on his face turns to horror. He slides off his horse. You now see what he sees — what’s left of the Statue of Liberty after an apparent world war. The man drops to his knees and curses those who did this. I, too, find myself cursing the impending storm and those who caused it.

Newton Falls

Disgusting Dems and Speaker Nancy Pelosi again impeached President Trump. Now there is a possibility he could be banned for life from running for an office. The Dems are afraid he will run for president again in 2024. Why doesn’t Pelosi fly away and never return?


You have to wonder, when today’s “antimaskers” tell the grandkids of their bravery, marching for their rights while the hospitals and first responders were overwhelmed with the sick and dying, if it will be with pride or a well-deserved sense of shame.



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