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It’s another example of an elected official, once elected, hiring someone to do the job they were elected to do so he or she can spend time shaking hands. It doesn’t matter whether the title is aide, assistant or deputy. If Warren council believes the council clerk is overworked, council can help out doing the job it was elected for. Or give the present clerk a raise. It certainly will be less than $40,000 plus benefits.


Is Dan Polivka clinging to his Democratic Party chairmanship to get appointed to the board of elections? A Democratic Party seat is up soon. Does he want to settle scores at the BOE due to the ruling on his former opponent Niki Frenchko’s residency?


Now that we have a vaccine, every school employee in Trumbull County, including teachers, should roll up their sleeves. Our children are not allowed in school without their vaccines, the same should be mandatory for all. No shot, no job. I am sure others are looking for teaching positions who will get a shot.


In 2020, the GOP state legislature ignored needs of Ohioans. Instead of prioritizing practical matters like broadband access and vaccine distribution or seizing yet another chance to fix Ohio’s unconstitutional school funding, they made us less safe by restricting public health powers in the midst of a global pandemic and passing a stand-your-ground law opposed by Ohio police chiefs. Ohioans need to keep an eye on the Statehouse. It’s clear they are not looking out for us.


Ohio doesn’t need a stand-your-ground law. This bill allows people to shoot first and ask questions later. On Dec. 17 the Ohio House added this onto another bill hoping that people wouldn’t notice it in the holiday rush. Ohioans already have the right to self defense. Studies show these laws increase murder rates and have racial bias. The police chiefs of the six major Ohio cities urged Gov. DeWine to veto this bill. He did not.

North Bloomfield

We have an insurgency on Capitol Hill, egged on by the US president. Political leaders from all over Ohio chime in on it — except for Dan Polivka. Why does this man want to be a party leader when he can’t be bothered to hit easy softballs like this? It’s time for the local party to dump him as chairman.


Trumbull Dems ran excellent campaign for local candidates. The red wave and national campaign message hurt. Party Chairman Polivka was undefeated on local candidates until now. Blaming him is ridiculous. He is the only chairman who hasn’t accepted a paycheck, while other chairs get paid serving on boards of elections. It’s high time he should. He may be a JFK Dem, more conservative on Christian values and pro-Second Amendment, but he’s helped more seniors and less fortunate than most.


On Jan. 6 a horrifying, a mob of domestic terrorists were bent on destroying American democracy. Their leader has fed them lies and conspiracies since the election. What did we expect would occur? His fan club stormed the capitol. His few remaining days may be a few days too many. Please use the 25th Amendment and remove him. Now we are watching his followers attempt to whitewash what went on, don’t believe them!


When a person doesn’t know something, they are simply ignorant on that topic. When someone explains factual information about the subject and they listen and learn, they are now educated. If they choose to deny that factual information and make up their own reality, they become willfully ignorant, thus stupid. And it’s hard to fix stupid. If you still are displaying Trump signs and flags, guess what your problem is.



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