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I thought the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine were first responders and seniors in nursing homes? I saw Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at 31 getting her shot. I saw that many states, including Oregon and Virginia, were giving the majority of their vaccines to people under 30 years of age.

So I guess the plan is to kill off all the seniors so the young people can get the shots instead? I am 80 and am on the next list to be euthanized.

— Girard

I hope Mahoning Valley voters are proud and happy that they tried to re-elect the worse president the country has ever had. This damaged person gets much of the blame for hundreds of thousands of deaths from COVID-19. It was a Democrat hoax, would go away by April when warm weather came? He is a monster, and he’s not done yet.

Thanks for nothing, Mahoning Valley voters.

— Girard

One is a fighter. The other is a milquetoast. Mark my words and see how he deals with China, business and the economy. Good luck bud.

— Howland

Airborne disease transmission is anything contagious spread via air particles, causing respiratory illness and other illness.

Measles is spread via airborne particles; one person would infect 18 people in the absence of vaccine. Whooping cough in one person will infect 10 persons and tuberculosis, one will infect 15.

Then there are respiratory illnesses — COVID-19 and flu. Flu vaccine works for most. Masks are scientifically proven to decrease COVID-19 risk because you keep your particles to yourself.

Let common sense be your guide to a healthier 2021. We are not there yet to drop your guard.

— Cortland

The well-off family in the Dec. 29 opinion page cartoon is misleading us to believe their child will be stuck with a $28 trillion national debt. The opulence of the drawn surroundings indicates the parents make enough money to pay their tax bill for the year after a week on their jobs and still have enough dough to write a check to the politician / party of their choice and pay a cadre of of lawyers and accountants to ensure they pay no more.

That bill will fall to those least able to pay it. If you wonder what privilege is, it’s that the folks in the drawing don’t know the others exist.

— Canfield

Why is California having so many COVID-19 cases hospitalized and they have had some of the most strict lockdown rules for months, whereas Florida has really no lockdowns and their doing much better?

It seems to say that lockdowns do not work.

— Boardman

Pat Buchanan’s last article would have you believe that it’s OK to build thousands of statues of traitors or despots. So where are the statues of Benedict Arnold? Hitler? Saddam Hussein? Where are the thousands of statues of Northern heroes like Grant, Sherman or Custer? The war cost more than 600,000 Americans lives in order to keep millions enslaved for the rich Southerners. The statues were built to rewrite history and intimidate ex-slaves and their descendants.

— Campbell

Is the Ohio Republican Party-controlled House insane or might it be in the pocket of the NRA?

Part of the expanded gun rights proposal would allow 18-year-olds to be issued a concealed gun permit. It would also allow them to buy guns. As if we don’t already have enough guns on the streets.

I hope Gov. Mike DeWine will veto this proposal.

— Greenford


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