Ohio, Valley GOP parties lack strength


What happened to the Republican Party of Ohio?

We have a RINO (Republican in name only) governor, secretary of state, U.S. senator and former governor. And what about the leader of the party in Trumbull County? What has he done for Trumbull County and the party?

Ashtabula had to pay for Trump signs. The Republican Party is full of RINOs, and we need to remember them on Election Day.

If we had someone with backbone in Trumbull County, we might have a Republican in Congress for this district.

People like Cheney, Romney and Portman need to lose. If it is to a Democrat, what does it matter? They are all Democrats in disguise. Democrats changed the rules of this election midstream, and no one seems to care. Now they still call Republicans names and want unity.

All the riots in the summer called for no justice, no peace. What has changed?

The Second Amendment will be under attack, welfare will grow by leaps and bounds, and criminals will get a “get out of jail” card. Socialism is alive and well in America.




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