How close is America coming to tipping?


Is America reaching its tipping point? Protesting is one thing, but storming the Capitol and rioting is a new low that conservatives reject.

We have seen cities in flames in 2020 when the national media told us the protest was mostly peaceful. Fast forward to this past week and the national media quickly called the rioters extremely violent. This is the stark division plaguing our country today. Placating one group’s actions while quickly condemning the actions of another group is morally incomprehensible. Both groups are equally wrong for rioting, and that needs to be reported fairly in the media.

Actions by race, gender and class hustlers have taken over the airways. The call for social justice might as well be called cosmic justice because it has no meaning. We have equality under the law. We have equality in effort — what you put in is what you get out. We have equality in opportunity. We have equality of education where everyone who wants to further one’s education can. We have equality of employment — if you have the skills, correct attitude, ambition and willingness to learn, you’re the best candidate. What social justice warriors want is equality of outcome regardless of effort, which is a momentous injustice for all.

The race and class hustlers are great at invoking feels of envy, jealousy and hatred toward achievers. Meanwhile, they’re the sole beneficiaries of money and power by pitting groups of people against one another. The question is, do we let hate, race and class hustlers set America’s agenda? Or do we reject their message? Are you willing to support leaders who tell you that you’re not smart enough and not capable of succeeding in America without their help? Or do we support leaders who provide opportunities for all by removing governmental roadblocks that favor one business or group over another?

There’s a war of words on men, gender, class and culture today that is being driven by several false narratives. Are we going to be sheep being divided? Or are we going to use the power of money to boycott, vote out dividers and make our voices heard?

There are nations wanting to see the fall of America, changing it from a free republic into the enslavement of socialism. Socialism only takes hold by spreading fear and division. Can we, as a people, be brave enough to call out those who divide us and ensure that their false narratives are exposed? Or will we just take sides and move closer toward the tipping point? Ultimately it’s up to all of us.




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