Columnist should not disrespect scientists


I read with disgust the Jan. 5 column, “When ‘expert’ credibility died,” by syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

This 50-year-old woman with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College is a Republican with reported links to the White National Movement. It’s been reported that she has association with white neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers, yet she believes she can judge and offend the entire science community, and especially, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Instead of insulting Dr. Fauci, she should apologize to him and send him good wishes on his 80th birthday, which was on Dec. 24, 2020.

I want to remind Ms. Malkin that it was the science community that eradicated diseases like polio, measles, mumps and chickenpox, that went into the Third World to stop Ebola, dengue fever and malaria. Scientists are working on dracunculiasis, echinococcosis and trypanosomiasis. If Ms. Malkin wants to find out more about scientists, she might want to look up recipients of the Nobel Prize. Three of them graduated from Oberlin College. Look at the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

I do believe in the First Amendment, but I wish the Tribune Chronicle would not print Michelle Malkin’s writings.




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