Voters disenfranchised by Newton Falls council


If nothing else, the unprecedented voter turnout in the historic general election of Nov. 3 demonstrated that democracy in America is thankfully no longer a spectator sport.

Yet unfortunately, not all of us had our votes honored at the local level; 385 voters, including me, in Ward 3 of Newton Falls were, in effect, disenfranchised by voting for the victorious challenger.

The clear winner of that contested council seat, Tesa Spletzer, for several weeks remained uninstalled despite being administered and officially taking the oath of office. The poor loser, a former mayor, continued to impersonate the empowered occupant of this unexpired term.

Our disenfranchisement did not come from a group of thugs driving us from the polls, but from an unrepentant gang in the suits who shamelessly refused to acknowledge the will of the people and the vote certification of the board of elections.

This was a colossal embarrassment to our hard-pressed town and a direct assault upon our hard-won voting rights. It is high time that the majority in the Newton Falls Village Council either join American democracy or resign.


Newton Falls


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