We must find peace after divisive election


We all want peace.

While I detest some of Donald Trump’s behavior, I support his policies, so I voted for him. I had to admit, however, that Joe Biden was a more mature figure to lead us to calmer waters. I believed getting another Christian conservative on the Supreme Court was more important. I believed the momentum Trump started would continue without him. I am prepared to respect Joe Biden as my president. But I want to know that the election was fair and legitimate.

This election may be unusually high in voter fraud and certain “checks and balances” were not followed. Why? I believe a lot of constituents now feel a lack of confidence in our voting process and are concerned about future elections. We should make every effort to find if and where it went wrong so necessary changes can be made to restore faith. That will go a long way in helping to bring about peace.

As we transition, can we give our current president some credit? President Trump rebuilt our military, implemented peace deals across the Middle East, eliminated an ISIS caliphate and notorious terrorist leaders, withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal that gave the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism over $100 billion, replaced NAFTA (which sent jobs and manufacturing power overseas), initiated tax reform (led to record stock market growth, low unemployment rates and increased wages) and signed the First Step Act (reformation of federal prisons and sentencing laws to reduce recidivism and decrease the federal inmate population). Maybe most importantly, Donald Trump confronted China’s abuses — human rights violations, broken global trade rules and theft of technology and intellectual property. Trump reacted quickly to the coronavirus (even after the World Health Organization claimed the virus could not be transmitted between humans) by restricting travel from China and launching a task force in January. He reshaped supply chains for key medicines, opposing leaders who called him “xenophobic” for his efforts.

Elections are not personality contests. They are about whose values you share. If we truly want healing in this country, all voters need to be treated with respect. Please do not imply that we are “deplorable” again. Please do not support leaders who suggest our names go on a list so we can be punished. Trump supporters voted our beliefs — pro-life, welfare that is empowering instead of discouraging, immigration that is regulated, less government control — to name a few. Half of the country agrees with us. Let us all acknowledge that every U.S. citizen is entitled to his / her opinions and move forward.




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