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Whatever happened to the idea of moving the coroner’s office to the former McFarland Funeral Home? That would have been such a logical move! Hmmm, probably too logical for Warren.

— Warren

This is driving me crazy. Why don’t people follow the arrows in the store aisles marking which way to go? They are there for good reason. People who don’t follow them are either ignorant or don’t care about their health or health of others. Is it that difficult? A child could figure it out.

— Champion

Last Sunday’s editorial page had an intelligent, compelling letter by a Hubbard resident, titled “Some perspective on COVID-19 numbers.” It presented statistics that appear to have been ignored by our governing officials. I agree with the writer when he questions why schoolchildren should endure online classes when statistics overwhelmingly suggest COVID-19’s effect on young people is almost nil. It appears our officials take the politically safe position by saying, “Well, we have to do something.”

— Cortland

Prior to the election, didn’t the Tribune Chronicle endorse Congressman Tim Ryan and his left-wing agenda? Now, with the election secured, does the editorial board, as stated in a Nov. 8 editorial, expect this “liberal zebra” to change his stripes? If so, you are further out of touch with Main Street than he is.

— Bazetta

A beautiful I-80 and Belmont Avenue floral bed was dug up and landscaping rocks removed. This once gorgeous bed, maintained for free, by Liberty volunteers, is destroyed. Liberty trustees hired landscapers to dig up the bed. An ugly mess now sits where rocks, bushes and plants once graced the interstate exit ramp. This is a loss for Liberty citizens and a black eye for efforts to make the area more attractive. What has been gained by this action?

— Girard

Many communities use Zoom format now for public meetings. The public cannot attend physically, but they can participate with their opinions via zoom — unless it’s Newton Falls where one councilman didn’t get the memo, so he says.

WFMJ-TV reported that Newton Falls Councilman John Baryak stood

ranting outside, demanding to be let into a meeting. Council members weren’t physically there. Somehow he forgot to tell

the public he was previously trained on Zoom, but appeared that he knew

nothing. That is very


— Newton Falls

To the liberal Christian who quoted the Ten Commandments and criticized our president, I think you forgot the most important commandment that applies to our Democratic leaders. Thou shall not kill, which Joe Biden, a devoted Catholic, seems to be in favor of.

— McDonald

The governor demands masks, but he assumes people know to wear them over mouth and nose. What happens when someone sneezes while the nose is exposed? Droplets go everywhere. COVID-19 brings minor symptoms in some, but serious, fluid in lungs, blood clots and heart problems in others. Who wants to find out what dreadful effect you will get? We won’t need to shut down if rule breakers would just comply. Businesses, hold people accountable. Mask up!

— Cortland

This is to anyone comparing total death tolls from year to year with COVID-19 deaths and conclude no big deal. Go to a hospital for traffic accident, opioids, etc. Health care professionals likely don’t catch anything from you or die. Go with COVID-19, and that health care professional dresses to stay healthy. Better be kind and heed the message carefully.

— Warren

I hope the four years of Joe and Kamala are abundant in people making his life hell, just like they treated Trump (and he still got a lot done). How can we trust the guy

who peddles influence to make his family rich? I can’t.

— Southington



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