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Kudos to Councilwoman Saffold and residents she met with to cut neighborhood crime. In today’s climate of demands to defund police, this group met to address the problems of increased crime and murder in Warren. Asking for a larger presence of police in the neighborhood to reduce crime and foster police and community relations is exactly how to approach the problem. Use police to serve and protect.

— Warren

Arno Hill has done more for Lordstown and Trumbull County through business and job creation than probably any one person in a long time. We cannot say that about county commissioners. It’s a shame commissioners wouldn’t take time to work with the mayor on sewer lines for the battery plant, instead causing bad blood with a remarkably successful man. Arno gets things done.

— Warren

Looks like the Trumbull County Dems, the party of Polivka, got what they deserved this past election — mostly defeats. It is sad that the Republican slate had more diversity than the usual slate of old white guys the Democratic Party has been shoveling toward voters. Good riddance!

— Howland

When the hole is covered up on a clothing donation box with a notice that it is closed at this time, please don’t leave the bags of clothing beside the box. The hole is covered, and the sign is there for a reason. Please read and obey!

— Warren

I cannot believe that this newspaper would follow along with other media and declare Biden as president. In what section of the Constitution does media select the president? The legal process must play out, and all results must be certified.

— Warren

Whatever your party affiliation, if you are an American who loves your country, then voter integrity should be embraced by all.

— Newton Falls

Now that the election is over (I think), can everyone please take down their signs?

— Warren

Congratulations to supporters of Biden-Harris! I hope you are ready for the following: more taxes, taxes on IRAs and pensions, more illegal immigrants, further erosion of work ethic, more welfare, more abortions, life under socialized medicine, indebtedness to China, frivolous reparations, more lawlessness resulting from defunding police, and more. I, for one, do not want my hard-earned money to be used for those “causes.” I mourn for my country.

— Warren

Americans must become more aware of sources of information they receive. A simple example is the two documentaries sound-off contributors urged readers to watch. The “Dark Money” documentary was developed by a small Montana newspaper journalist, and the film includes both Republicans and Democrats testifying against hidden, big money in politics. “Death of a Nation” documentary was created by Dinesh D’Souza and produced by Gerald Molen. Both are veteran, partisan, conservative, filmmakers.

— Cortland

Joe Biden won the presidential election. Congratulations. However, let’s take a look at Kamala Harris. In the Democratic debates, she basically called Biden a racist and was taken to task by Tulsi Gabbard. She raised very little money, got very few votes and was one of the first to drop out. Somehow, she will be vice president. Weird. Keep safe.

­– Howland


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