Responsibility brings freedoms we enjoy


The definition of “freedom” goes deeper than Webster’s.

Freedom doesn’t mean not responsible. In fact, freedom requires responsibility. People who push the idea of freedom from government mistake freedom for “free for all” mentality. Freedom actually is free and can only be given to one another.

Freedom doesn’t fight, freedom is reason and uses reason to obtain more freedom. All the wars we have fought in the name of freedom have not been fought for freedom, but against those not wanting freedom for others, but only freedom for themselves. Evil causes the fight, not the freedom.

The first part of freedom here, the absence of necessity, coercion, is a half truth. Nature requires everyone to adhere to certain rules or die. When properly applied, rules provide more freedom. A simple example is traffic laws. By all agreeing to adhere to rules, we are free to go wherever we want safely, thereby creating more freedom. Freedom requires responsibility, not the lack of responsibility.

So you in order to have freedom, you must care. Lack of care is not always freedom. There is balance to achieve the type of freedom as defined by lack of care. We all do not want to care about certain things because that makes us free to do other things. Health care is one. However, you still must care about your diet to maintain health. We are not designed for extreme ideas of freedom. We can have a health care system that takes care of us cheaper than what we have. That is a proven fact. Americans, however, are arrogant and can’t handle that the rest of the world offers health care better than we do. Americans, for all our bragging on how we help others, fail when it comes to helping our fellow Americans in health needs.

Too many Americans are selfish. The best example of selfishness are ridiculous anti-mask people and their politics. Too many people are adults because of their age, but act as selfish children in their mental and spiritual age. There is nothing more dangerous to humanity than adult children.

Think about what freedom means to you, then apply it and give that to others. If you can’t, then think harder about what freedom truly is because too many people don’t understand the truth and its real cost.

A gun does not give you freedom. It enslaves you to a way of life that is limited and freedom ending.




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