People should evaluate recycling habits today


Today is America Recycles Day. It provides a great opportunity to re-evaluate your families’ recycling habits.

Every day, recyclable items are turned into a host of new products, including shoes, clothing and new bottles or cans, giving “single-use” items multiple lives while keeping discarded items out of landfills.

Recycled plastics even can be turned into carpeting and furniture. Plastic items with a triangle symbol labeled No. 1 or No. 2 (often stamped in the plastic itself surrounded by the recycling arrows) are the most easily recycled and in most demand for making new products. Plastic bottles for water and soda drinks are examples of 100 percent recyclables, as are many other “single-use” containers.

Today we should celebrate the strides we’ve made but look to do better. Today the U.S. recycling rate is 34.5 percent. We can easily get the rate to 75 percent. With that standard, we will improve the environment as if we removed 50 million cars from our roads.


National campaign for Recycling Awareness


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