OSU response omitted things about scandal


This is in response to the recent misleading letter from Ohio State University’s public relations director Ben Johnson.

The letter included all the stuff that OSU is doing in response to the biggest sexual abuse scandal in the University’s history (titled Ohio State University assisting crime victims), but forgot to mention a couple of things.

It didn’t mention that OSU (of today) released Strauss’s “clean” personnel file to the public saying he did nothing wrong, but behind the scenes they had my paperwork that shows not only what he did, but that OSU lied to us. (Later the university claimed to find another box of stuff that they missed.)

The letter also didn’t mention that the OSU (of today) just got busted by the Ohio Court of Claims for breaking the law and withholding public information (illegally) about the Strauss scandal.

The other thing not mentioned is that the OSU (of today) told the court the reason they illegally withheld public information was not to piecemeal release information that could traumatize and cause a chilling effect on survivors, neglecting to mention they did piecemeal release Strauss’s personnel file making us all look like liars, which has a pretty chilling effect on us.

This university has a lot of nerve putting on a front to the public, when behind the scenes is a different story. Its current actions are the same as its actions back when Strauss was molesting people, and these actions allowed this all to happen. Only its justifications of these despicable actions have changed. I honestly don’t know what makes me sicker: the abuse that Dr. Strauss did to all of us or the current university’s constant manipulation to the public about it.




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