Officials’ support showed concern


In early March, at the onset of the pandemic, we activated the Emergency Operations Center via the Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency. Our goal was to create a management plan to combat the worst-case scenario for Trumbull County as we battled COVID-19.

We will not bore you with the intricacies of incident command; however, we are appreciative of the support of the Trumbull County commissioners and our state legislators. On behalf of the Trumbull County Fire Chiefs Association, I would like to acknowledge Commissioners Frank Fuda, Dan Polivka and Mauro Cantalamessa, as well as Sen. Sean O’Brien and Representatives Michael O’Brien and Rep. Gil Blair.

In a multi-faceted action plan, their support showed true concern for the safety of every resident in Trumbull County. On many occasions, direct phone communications were of the utmost importance as we strategized how best to keep residents, police, fire, EMS and essential workers safe while maintaining county operations. It was a daunting task at times, yet each made himself available 24/7, showing unwavering support of the Emergency Operations Center and our vision, planning and execution of a plan that brought agencies together for the same cause.

A special tip of the hat to Dan Polivka as assigned commissioner to EMA. He was always available and checked in regularly for updates and to ensure we had everything we needed to execute the battle plan.



Trumbull County Fire Chiefs Association


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